Offering speciality Meats since 2019

-   ABOUT US  -

Morrasmeat came into existence through the combination of over 20 years of hunting and passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

One of our founders, Mornay, has been going on annual hunting trips with his dad since the age of eight. These trips eventually became a much loved hobby and his love for long distance shooting grew. To him, it's not about the kill. It's about the hunt; experiencing nature in all her glory.

It is a well-known fact that South Africa is a land of plenty. It seemed only natural to combine our love for the outdoors and knowledge of food (meat) preparation to ensure that more wholesome, healthy and trustworthy products are available on the market for us South Africans. 

Mornay Symington and partners have years of experience in the trade and offer personal services to our customers who always have a direct line of access to us. Business is built on trust, integrity and strong business relationships,  and in these areas we are ahead of the game - no pun intended.

Eating meat is an integral part of South African culture and we have a right to know where the products we’re braaing are coming from. All of our meat is sourced directly from the farm, or as close to the source as possible. Our meat products and service offerings are the best, hands down. All our venison products are prepared in Beaufort West, the heart of the Karoo. 

Curing meat is something South Africans have been doing for over a century using methods that are proven to work with delicious results. Our aging processes and signature spice blends are our little secrets, but our recipes and curing techniques are based on these traditional methods.

Passion led to the creation of MorrasMeat. Our goal now is to supply to you, the customer, the best of what nature has to offer.